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05 June 2022

Integrating Differences

Most organizations already know that it is crucial to embrace differences. But, hand on heart -

Does your team collaborate effectively?

Does your organization integrate differences in a way that supports individuals alongside the needs of the organization?

Imagine your team like a football team.
Any football team has a goalie, defenders, wingers, central midfielders, and a striker among other positions.

If a football team didn't have all of those individuals playing to their strengths and talents - there will be no success in that team.

The need for differences in any team is crucial to success - and although organizations understand it - many struggle to make it work.

So next time when you attend a team meeting, look at each one of your team members, and ask yourself:

- How do we celebrate differences in my organization?
- How does each person in my team use their strengths in their work?
- What can be done to support my team members to further their strengths?
- How can those individual strengths leverage the strength of the team at work together?

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