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05 September 2022

Who do you want to become?

So here's one of my mum's paintings from 1997, one of a few I chose to take with me after I moved (unplanned!) to the UK some 25+ years ago. I never knew why I loved it so much, but it's still proudly presented in my house today.

As a coach - I endeavor to walk the walk and practice coaching tools on myself before I share them with those who choose to work with me.
Why am I sharing this?

After a great exercise involving sectioning my life into 5 segments and contemplating what each of these gave me to prepare me for the next chapter (if you want to know more and try it out for yourself - DM me), this painting which to me symbolizes Unraveling came to life.

In coaching I hear lots of 'who do you want to be?', and 'who do you want to become?'

And I ask - Who are you already that you have forgotten due to life's challenges and only need to unravel and uncover from the dust of life's demands?

It's already there.
Some things are just forgotten.
A pearl is well hidden inside a gray shell. Diamonds are uncovered by cutting into rocks.

I invite you to take a moment to remind yourself what are your virtues, strengths, and gifts of knowledge you already have inside of you and may have forgotten about, but that could guide you to where you want to be.

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